Meet our Pastor

Trinity is served by a caring and compassionate pastor, Pastor Eddie Cuen. Pastor Eddie has been at Trinity for over 15 years as a member and 3 years as a pastor. He has been married to Denise for 22 years and together they have two daughters, Dani and Katie. Pastor Eddie enjoys running (he has run several marathons), reading and spending time with friends and family. He is available for pastoral care or just to talk over coffee. 

   When To Call Your Pastor…

WHEN YOU ARE FACING A SERIOUS PROBLEM. Most ministers have been trained to help people with their personal, family and other problems. The judgment of a spiritual leader, together with his prayers for divine guidance, will enable you to face your problems with confidence. Don’t allow your problems to get too big for you. WHEN SOMEONE IS INTERESTED IN THE CHURCH. You constantly meet young people and adults who are in your community and others who have not united with a local church. Put in a good word for your church and tell your pastor about the prospective member.
WHEN THERE IS AN ILLNESS. Your pastor is as near as your telephone. His presence, counsel, and prayer will be helpful. Your pastor will appreciate your phone call when you, your loved one, or a friend is sick or going to the hospital. WHEN THERE IS A DEATH. Your pastor should be notified when there is a death in the family. He can give comfort and counsel at this difficult time. Before making funeral arrangements, check with your pastor to help you with the plans.
WHEN YOU MUST MAKE AN IMPORTANT DECISION. If you are a young person and face a decision about going to college, arranging your course of study, or choosing your life work, make an appointment to see your pastor. The viewpoint of your spiritual leader should be considered. WHEN THERE IS A WEDDING. Your pastor should be consulted before the wedding date is set. Since you will undoubtedly desire to have one or more conferences with the pastor, it is advisable to contact him well in advance of the wedding.
WHEN SOMEONE DESIRES TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN. Happy indeed is the pastor who is asked to talk with someone who desires to become a Christian. Tell your pastor about friends who are interested in knowing more about the Christian faith.